Dave Schweisguth's genealogy

I've researched my ancestry since 1994. I maintain my tree in desktop software. I publish it in several places:


My main goal is to find European documentation of all of my most recent European-born ancestors. Eleven down, four to go:

Data standards

Notes on each individual in my tree document the sources of information about that individual that I used. I keep a collection of all such sources and am happy to share them when appropriate. S## refers to a physical source and DS#### refers to a digital source.

I almost always rely on only primary or close-to-primary sources, i.e. original documents or indexed representations of original documents. I almost never use others' trees as sources.

I focus on my direct ancestors, their children, and more-distant relatives who I or close family members know or knew personally. I usually enter into my tree all persons mentioned in a source that I use, but sometimes, to keep my tree from growing without bound, I omit persons who are less closely related to me than the person of interest in a source; when I do that I say so in a note on the person of interest.


I remove living people and notes from the versions of my tree that can be seen by the general public. I give access to the tree generated by the desktop software I use only to family. I publish my complete tree on Ancestry, but I give view access only to family, and Ancestry hides living persons from other users. Similarly, I entered part of my tree on Geni, but Geni hides living persons from other users.


Dave Schweisguth <dave at schweisguth.org>