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I write software. I work at Redbubble. (Check out my shop!) Previously, I worked at Zero, Indiegogo, Fandor, NileGuide (a.k.a. The Nile Project, now defunct), Radar Networks (now defunct), Healthline Networks, Grand Central Communications (which became Swivel, leaving the Grand Central name to an unrelated company, and is now defunct), Applied Biosystems (now part of Life Technologies), Pangea Systems in Oakland, CA (later DoubleTwist, now defunct) and CuraGen in New Haven, CT (acquired by Celldex Theraputics). See also Dave Schweisguth on LinkedIn.

Before that I earned a Ph.D. in biophysics in Dr. Peter Moore's laboratory at Yale. For my dissertation, I used nuclear magnetic resonance to determine the solution structures of the anticodon loops of initiator and elongator methionine tRNA. They turned out to be exactly the same, which was surprising to tRNA aficionadi.

You can find my recent writing on programming and such on my blog, Dave Schweisguth in a Bottle. If someone else thinks of a topic first I might write about it on Stack Overflow, where I go by Dave Schweisguth. I'm also @daveschweisguth on Twitter, tweeting sometimes on programming and sometimes on exploring San Francisco.

While a graduate student, I helped out with the Silicon Graphics FAQs and the documentation for tcsh.


I lead the Juri Commoners, the volunteer group for Juri Commons, the park on my block. Please join us in taking care of the park on the last Saturday of most months. See the Juri Commons meetup group for details.

I'm also active with Fix 26, the Central 26th Street Neighborhood Coalition. Join us to keep one another informed, hold block parties, build a neighborhood watch and more.


I develop and host Guess Where Watcher, the scoring software for the Guess Where San Francisco Flickr group. For the source code, see Guess Where Watcher on github.

An extended group of friends and I have competed for years in the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt and other treasure hunts (very successfully) and the Bay Area Night Game and other puzzle hunts (we're getting better). I've also written and run several hunts myself, including "Trial By Juri" around Juri Commons and "Huxley Beagle's Union Square Scramble". My most recent hunt was Odd Man Out, which took place in SF's Tenderloin on October 23rd, 2010.

I've been systematically exploring San Francisco for years (more recently with the invaluable help of Huxley Beagle and Wallace Beagle). Some results are on the web on sfgazetteer.com, and sometimes I tweet interesting finds.

Family and friends

I'm interested in my genealogy; maybe you are too. I'm particularly interested in the surnames Schweisguth (also Schweisgut, Schweißgut(h), Schweissgut(h), Schweiszgut(h) and Sweisguth), Frick, Burford, Burrows, Pilley, Couche (also Kutsch), Beley, Alleg, Gasser, Raab, Kwasnikowa, Kundratis (also Kundrat), Wilkelis, Yochman (also Yochmann and Jochmann), Hart, Barina, Novotni, and Kapunek. Here's my RootsWeb Surname List entry, with more alternate spellings. If any of those names sound familiar, see my family tree (GEDCOM), or find me on Ancestry.

Speaking of family matters, here are

Also of historical interest is Do Not Question Me, the blog where our gang once chronicled pub quiz and other entertaining pursuits.

Finally, you might want to look at my hotlist.

For purposes of complying with the New Jersey Right To Know Act: Contents partially unknown.

Dave Schweisguth <dave at schweisguth.org>